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The Club took delivery of its new Brumby 610 aircraft last week (June 28 2012)

Learning to Fly at Cowra Aero Club

It is possible to achieve the RA-Aus Pilot Certificate with just 20 hours of in-flight instruction! If you would like to be able to fly an aeroplane then check out the LEARNING TO FLY GUIDE on the RAAus web site. It provides a broad overview of what is involved in learning to fly in the friendly, fun world of Australian recreational aviation, administered by Recreational Aviation Australia Incorporated.

RAAus Aircraft only have two seats, must weigh less than 600 kg (including the pilot and passenger), and generally do not fly into controlled airspace. They may not fly at night, and they may not fly in cloud. Pilots must belong to RAAus, and RAAus issues their pilot certificate.

How much does it cost?


Brumby 610

Membership of Cowra Aero Club (1st Year)



Membership of RAAus



Flying Lessons 20 @ $160


Flying Lessons 20 @ $170


Text Books, Log Book etc



Total to Pilot certificate



A pilot certificate entitles the holder to fly within 25nm of the aerodrome, and may be endorsed to take passengers once he or she has 10 hours in command.

Cross country training requires another 10 hours of lessons and some additional theory to be learned.

Do you need a medical?

An RAAus pilot self assesses his or her fitness to fly, but must be of sufficient fitness to drive a motor vehicle.

Any age limits?

A pilot must have attained the age of 15 years in order to fly an aircraft solo, but can commence training at a younger age. There are no upper limits, provided the person is fit enough to drive a car.

What if I decide I want to fly larger aeroplanes?

Hours flown in recreational aircraft count one for one if you later decide to get your Private or Commercial Pilots Licence (PPL or CPL). There will be additional training required as instrument flying for example is not done by recreational pilots. The written exams for the PPL have to be completed.

If you would like to know more please contact Jenny Ganderton, CFI on 0403 984019 or 0263425228